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I’m on such a fucking beautiful beach in the Hamptons and I wish you were here skipping stones with me

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Adore Vintage 1920s Lingerie Set


Adore Vintage 1920s Lingerie Set

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Anonymous: I write out a lot of messages to you that I can't seem to finish.

Please fucking finish them, this raises my anxiety

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Anonymous: How are you so beautiful and strong and wonderful and such an inspiration to people and all around just the most amazing girl anyone has ever met? Because honestly you've brightened some dark days of mine and I love you for that.

I have been having one of the worst emotional days i’ve had in very long. I appreciate this more than I could ever EVER express. I feel so alone lately, it’s nice to know someone cares. Please feel free to come unanon

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Fucking drove past another fucking car that looked just fucking like yours and it looked just fucking like you in the drivers seat again. I miss you so much it hurts

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